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What services do we offer?
Breaking In
Breaking in is Jasons specialty, he is great with youngsters and gives them all the time they need. Trust is the key - as soon as the horse feels safe and comfortable the whole process is so much easier and produces a happy, forward thinking horse. 
To give racehorses the ultimate education, preperation & basic fitness to go into training. 
Youngstock Production
Producing for the show ring or to just to give them a head start in life.
Frequently asked questions
What is the normal breaking in process?
We start all of our horses in our purpose built Monarch lungeing pen, this is where they learn to lunge and long rein in a very safe environment with few distractions. Once they are confident long reining in the pen, they move to the arena and walking around the farm.
The riding begins in the stable, Jason will slowly start leaning over the horse, building confidence day by day. The horse will tell us when he/she is ready to be ridden in the pen, and by this point the confidence and forwardness built up over the previous weeks means that this bit should be easy! These first few days are the most important days in the whole process, we see a lot of horses who have had a bad experience at this point and it takes longer to undo the bad and re-build the good!
The riding away normally happens quite quickly, this is where we put the last pieces of the puzzle together before you paint the picture on top of it all. The horse will walk / trot / canter around the pen just to build confidence and so everyone knows where the right buttons are! We then go back to the school to start polishing it all up. Then the best part – when we get to see the beaming smile of an owner riding their horse for the first time. This is where you, the owner, takes over the decision making. You are welcome to ride as many times as you want with our help and support before you are ready to take the horse home.
How long will it take to break my horse in?
On average between 4-8 weeks from start to finish, with exceptions for horses with problems or bad experiences.
Can you come to my yard and work with my horse there?
Unfortunately not, our insurance doesn’t cover us to do so, and we find that so much trust is built up by us looking after the horses on a day to day basis. Also, our prices are competitive enough to say that it would be cheaper to send them to us that pay for daily visits!


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